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In businesses large and small, computers have become central to the way things work.  So central, that it's easy to forget that computers are there to serve the business, not the other way around.  It is always your customers  that should be the focal point of your efforts!

At Castle Creative Services, we haven't forgotten the simple truth that you didn't go into business to baby-sit a cranky machine or network.  We specialize in low-maintenance solutions that let you concentrate on what you do best and focus on your customers.  We understand that information is the lifeblood of most organizations, and that threats to the integrity of that information must be recognized and dealt with -- all without disrupting the course of your business.

So please come look around.  What we do and how we do it is a bit different, but we think you'll approve.  Call or email and we can show how that difference is all for your benefit!

Company Profile

Our Founding Location

For over twenty years, Castle Creative Services has served as the business arm for the eclectic interests of its founder.  Re-dedicated and incorporated in 2003 as Castle Creative Services LLC, the company has several related areas of expertise:

  •     Bank Branch Staffing Software - helps optimize staff utilization wherever customers wait for service, including branch locations and phone queues. [Learn More]
  •     Business Process Management Consulting for outstanding customer service and improved facility efficiency at each customer "touch point." [Learn More]
  •     Small Office / Home Office Network Consulting.  We bring an incredible breadth of experience to the computer, network, and telephony needs of smaller businesses.  Our philosophy has three guiding principles: Protecting your data should be part of every consideration; Avoid un-needed complexity and costs;  Recognize the value that timely information can bring to any business.  We have identified many unique products that deliver on the promises of simplicity and reliability, and offer these to our customers where appropriate.  [Learn More]

All of these areas include our commitment to our clients' complete satisfaction.  We regard ourselves as "customer service evangelists" and we practice what we preach.   You're concerned about getting the greatest value from your investments, and we deliver!  Ask for, and talk with, some of our clients.  We'll happily provide references!

We're also happy to support other businesses within our community through the membership in the following organizations and programs:

  • Microsoft Partner / Empower ISV
  • Computer Associates Channel Partner
  • Intel Certified Developer
  • Centrepoint Technologies Authorized Reseller
  • APC Reliability Provider
  • Snap Appliance Solution Provider

 Finally, see the expertise, track record, and the integrity of the people behind the company -- your best assurance of a job well done!  [Learn More]

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