For many years, TELLERGRAPH has been the reference standard of branch staffing tools.  It has found a home in hundreds of financial institutions, as well as in the phone support and order departments several non-bank customers.  It is suitable for use wherever customers wait for service.  Now, TELLERGRAPH Community extends that heritage and makes it available to institutions for which this level of technical sophistication has been out of reach.

What is it?

TELLERGRAPH Community is a Windows PC-based computer application that determines branch staffing levels based on a statistical maximum customer wait time and other parameters that the bank specifies.  The program graphically portrays staffing requirements throughout the day for each day of the week.  These requirements are then shown against your current staffing and proposed staff schedule to help you balance the needs of customer service and effective staff utilization.


  • Graphic display of staffing information.
  • Uses queuing theory and advanced statistical modeling
  • User-specified service and activity standards can vary by location, with up to four service areas per branch.
  • Connects with host-based teller systems for easy data collection, in addition to manual data collection options that can automatically allocate hourly data into shorter intervals.
  • Includes non-customer-related and administrative activities in overall staff requirement computations.
  • Staffing requirements determined for half-hour intervals throughout the day.
  • Ad-hoc branch grouping for easy reporting and peer selection.
  • Forecasting components and interactive modeling project future staff requirements.
  • Over ten reports that may be printed, viewed on-screen, or exported for further analysis.

Why would I need TELLERGRAPH Community?

Not every bank can make use of TELLERGRAPH Community.  Our clients share the following characteristics:

  • Customer-oriented culture.
  • Desire to improve overall bank profitability.
  • Flexibility in using peak-time and part-time staff.
  • Banks with more than ten branches should use full-featured TELLERGRAPH product instead.  Files are fully compatible between the "Community" and full-featured products, so growing organizations won't be limited!
  • Requires Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System (2000, 98, ME, NT, or XP)

Among those institutions that meet these criteria, TELLERGRAPH Community provides improved customer service (reduced, more consistent wait times), better staff utilization, reduced staffing costs, and other information to help manage your branch network or call centers smarter!

Can I afford it?

Admittedly, we're biased, but suggest that the better question is "Can you afford to not consider TELLERGRAPH Community?"  This application has found enthusiastic use in community banks with a handful of branches, as well as institutions with hundreds of branches.  One thing that all of these banks had in common was a commitment to exceptional customer service, and a need to measure and manage retail service delivery.  Customers like it because it results in better service.  H.R. likes it because it is an empirical measure of branch and individual staffing performance.  Branch staff likes it because with proper staffing, it reduces both "down" time and those times they feel overwhelmed.  Management and directors see an increase in ROI and happier, more loyal customers.   TELLERGRAPH Community is value-priced at only $4750, as a one-time, you-own-it fee.   On-site implementation assistance is also available at very reasonable daily rate. (Consider that our average client enjoys an almost immediate annual savings of $10,000 per branch location, in addition to enhanced customer service and it becomes a question of how quickly you can pick up the phone!)  TELLERGRAPH Community is offered with a money-back guarantee to further make this a goof-proof decision!

Where can I get more information?

Because good information is at the heart of every decision you make, we want you to be well informed.  Below, you'll find several downloadable documents that can tell you more about TELLERGRAPH Community in whatever level of detail you desire.  All use the PDF portable document format and require the Adobe Acrobat reader.
Click this line to get the free Acrobat reader from Adobe's site.  Download Acrobat Reader

Each document described below has the approximate file size, in kilobytes, shown within parentheses, and each will open within a new browser window.  Some of these documents may require several minutes to be viewed, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.  We thank you for your patience.

We encourage you to call, write, or email with any other questions.  We'll also be delighted to set up a web conference where you can see TELLERGRAPH Community in action, and we can address your specific concerns.  Contact information is available from the Contact link at the bottom of most pages, or by clicking on the following logo: 

TELLERGRAPH Community One-Sheet

This document is an overview of the TELLERGRAPH Community teller staffing model.  Click here to download (214 KB).


This extensive booklet describes the TELLERGRAPH staffing model, including screen shots and sample reports.  Most of the information here applies to TELLERGRAPH Community as well (excluding scheduling and report division features.) Click here to download (1618 KB).

TELLERGRAPH (and TELLERGRAPH Community) Download Format

This document is a portion of the product user guide concerning the ways that TELLERGRAPH can connect with the transaction information gathered from the teller terminal system.   It's a great resource both to illustrate the ease of data collection, and to help plan your implementation timeline.   Click here to download (139 KB).

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